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Selling Dickson and New Plans

Since arriving in Brisbane in early April 2017 we have been coastal cruising in the southern summer months and returning to Chicago for our summer...

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Did you know ...?

"A Friday's sail always fail".

Fridays are considered an unlucky day to begin a voyage. Sailors are notoriously supersitious.

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A broad look at what this site covers - mainly the details of our second circumnavigation.

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Our Ship: Onora

It's taken over three years to move from concept to a floating vessel. 62 feet long, aluminum hulled and able to be sailed by two, Onora is a one-of-a-kind ship that will carry us through some of Earth's toughest waters. Come aboard and explore her.

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About Us

We're Jim and Jean Foley, two amateur sailors who've been married for nearly 35 years and sailing together for even longer.

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Et Cetera

We've included a few extra links and thoughts for anyone interested in knowing more about ocean cruising.

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