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The Trip - NZ to Iceland.

Onora's 2004-2006 South and North Adventure. (Click to see larger image.)

Mara's 1993-1996 Circumnavigation. (Click to see larger image.)

Note: The text below describes our intended trip as we prepared to embarkin 2004. While it's taken us a bit longer to complete this plan than we anticiapted, we're happy to say we've completed the major things we wanted to do. While we plan to continue sailing and updating this site with what happens, we encourage you to check out the NEWS section to find out what happened.


The mission is to see how far south and how far north as we can sail.

We will spend a year in the South Pacific shaking the boat systems down. The first two months will be in the North Island of New Zealand waters. In July '04 we will head north to New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, the east coast of Australia and Tasmania before retuning to the South Island of New Zealand in January '05.

After slowly making our way back to Auckland for Kelly's crew to go over all of the systems we will provision and prepare Onora for the long trip across the South Pacific to Chile, arriving in October '05.

We will head south through the canals and Tierra del Fuego, arriving in Puerto Williams in December to wait for the perfect weather to attempt the Davis Straight crossing to the Antarctic. If we make it we will follow Shackelton's departure to the South Shetland Islands. It is hard to head northwest against the Southern Ocean so we will most likely ride with it to Cape Town. By May we hope to be back across the South Atlantic to Fernando de Noronha Brazil.

The ice breaks in the Straights of Belle Isle at the end of June and we plan to be there and so will sail nonstop from Brazil to Nova Scotia. We will head north to Greenland for the short summer arriving in Disco Bay on the east coast by August '05. By September we will be in Iceland where Onora will be hauled and we will return to Chicago.

We will post pictures and newsletters here so return often and follow our next adventure.

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