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In New Zealand, May 2004.

Jim and Jean Foley

We are both US citizens with a condo in Chicago, two grown children and six grandchildren. Jim grew up sailing on Lake Michigan out of Waukegan, Illinois. Jean grew up on Long Island New York sailing on the Great South Bay.

In the evening of September 5th, 1968 we borrowed a sailboat from Mr. Kirby, a family friend of Jim's, and slipped out of the Waukegan harbor on a gentle breeze as a full orange harvest moon rose out of the east. Jim casually said that someday he was going to sail around the world. Jean thought it was a good idea. This was our first date. A year later we were married. After twenty-five years of broken promises to start the dream trip, we finally did it. In 1993 we left for a three year circumnavigation on Mara, a Mason 44 cutter.

Since returning from our circumnavigation in 1996, Jim has been busy keeping an eye on his business, Dickson Company (see www.dicksonweb.com ) and investing in various opportunities. Jean decided not to go back to family counseling, her previous calling, and instead worked in Chicago Public School libraries and as a hospice volunteer.




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